Moritz Simon Geist to release the world’s first techno record played entirely by self-made robots

Media artist and robotic musician, Moritz Simon Geist, announces his first record titled Robotic Electronic Music. It is the world’s first techno record played entirely by self-made robots.

The sounds on his record are played by robots: small motors that beat on metal, futuristic 3D-printed robo-kalimbas, salvaged parts from old hard drives that click and cut. It took Geist several years to build, tweak, test and play all his DIY robotic instruments. In 2012, he built his well-known oversized 808 robot, an iconic drum machine gotten real, 4 by 2 meter, filled with robotic parts which play the instruments live and in front of the audience.

Now, Moritz Simon Geist goes even further on the quest of discovering more on the world of robotics and implementing that in electronic music. For this purpose, he teamed up with the Berliner sound wizards from Mouse On Mars and dug deep in the history of mechanical music and experiments of early electronic music.

His debut album Robotic Electronic Music is being preceded by an EP titled The Material Turn due out in October, inaugurating Sonic Robots Records, a label about automations, mechanics, robotics and electronic music. The Material Turn EP is available here.

Watch Geist playing with Music Robots and his behind the scenes videos below.

Moritz Simon Geist - Robotic Electronic Music - Orb Mag


Robotic Electronic Music

1. Entropy
2. The DNA Of Drumming
3. In G# (Katze läuft über Klavier)
4. Gateland
5. Under Deconstruction
6. Empathiemaschine
7. Manchester Baby
8. A-rhythmic

The Material Turn EP

1. Entropy
2. Under Deconstruction
3. Supercharged
4. Detok