Moog releases a new soft-synth app

Moog releases their newest emulation of the Minimoog Model D, running on both iPhone and iPad—continuing their line of iOS applications.

The Minimoog Model D app is designed with special care to have the same effect on the user visually and sonically when compared to the real hardware synthesizer. Besides what the real synth offers, the software version includes ready-made presets, an arpeggiator, loop recorder, a four-voice polyphony possibility for chord and pad lovers, and a module called the Bender, a stereo time modulation effect, optimised to offer an “orchestral” sound. Moog has also included the AUv3 Audio Unit support for using it with the GarageBand app.

To use the application you need a 64-bit operating system, implying that it is compatible with iPhone 5S and upwards or all iPads from the Air and Mini 2 series.

Minimoog Model D app is available at Apple’s App Store for only 4.99$.

Watch the promo video for the app below.