Moog announces first new polysynth in over three decades, Moog One

Moog One is the first polyphonic analog Moog synthesizer released in over 35 years.

Moog Music announces the arrival of Moog One, a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog dream-synth with nearly unlimited sonic potential. To bring the ultimate Moog synthesizer to life, Moog Music embarked on its most ambitious design project to date–an electronic odyssey encompassing years of research and decades of exploration, culminating in the birth of Moog’s new flagship synthesizer, the Moog One.

Available in 8-voice or 16-voice configurations, each individual Moog One voice circuit contains an analog signal path more powerful than the Minimoog Voyager, harnessing the capabilities of 3 newly designed dual-output analog VCOs with ring mod and FM, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelope generators.

With the help of some of the world’s most accomplished and creative artists, Moog has re-imagined the original 1976 promotional film for Moog’s first polyphonic synthesizer, the Polymoog. The new psychedelic film released today on Moog’s website features Jeff Bhasker, Suzanne Ciani, Chick Corea, Mike Dean, Robert Glasper, Dick Hyman, Dev Hynes, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Ronson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and Paris Strother.

Moog’s new polysynth is available at the price of $5,999.

Watch 20-minute demonstration video below.