Minimal Wave’s Veronica Vasicka presents debut EP on Downwards

Minimal Wave head Veronica Vasicka is releasing her debut EP via Regis’ imprint, Downwards, titled From Here, out on the 2nd of November.

Having dedicated her life to unearthing the long lost gems of the early ’80s via her Minimal Wave imprint, as well as curating thrilling modern music for her sub-label Cititrax, Veronica Vasicka is now releasing her own music for the first time. Her debut EP From Here was recorded in 2004 with no intent to be released. The four-track EP features one solo production by the artist and three remixes by Regis, former Nitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode collaborator Paul Kendall, and founder of the bands Loop and MainChasm, Robert Hampson AKA Chasm. The artwork is designed by Veronica herself, featuring two self-portraits she shot on 35mm film at 16 years of age.

Listen to “From Here” from the EP below.

Veronica Vasicka - Orb Mag
01. From Here
02. From Here (Regis mix)
03. From Here (Paul Kendall mix)
04. From Here (Chasm mix)