Love Love Records unveils latest EP by Rognvald

Love Love Records has presented Richard Wilson AKA Rognvald’s latest EP titled The New Selecta Vol. 1, available on April 13th.

Releasing for the third time on Love Love Records as Rognvald for the past two years, the new EP comes after two 2017 releases, Lord Rover album, and R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D EP. The artist previously appeared on the label with his Beatwife alias, releasing four full-length albums. The New Selecta Vol. 1 is the first of three new records to be released by Richard Wilson under his Rognvald moniker via WIFETRAX on Love Love Records. The new release by the Los Angeles-based producer “is an explosive exploration into uncharted territory of the deepest and dankest UK jungle using a ‘future-old skool’ template.”

Listen to Richard Wilson’s podcast for Orb Mag as Beatwife, and the samples from his new EP below.

A1. Terminal Lord
A2. The New Selecta
B1. Clatlife
B2. Great Expectations