Life’s Good are reissuing two Juan Atkins tracks for their first release

Life’s Good are reissuing two tracks by Juan Atkins for their first release, Dimensions / Flash Flood, landing on the 7th of September.

Founded by Diagonal Records’ co-founder Jaime Williams, Life’s Good will serve as a platform for reissuing Detroit and European techno from its golden era of production. Their first project features Detroit icon Juan Atkins, who granted them access to the original tapes. The first track featured is “Dimensions,” taken from Panic In Detroit compilation released on Buzz. The B-side contains another version of “Flash Flood,” coming from the artist’s other alias Infiniti, previously released on Tresor. Both tracks were revitalised by Russell Haswell and remastered by Rashad Becker.

Listen to the original version of “Flash Flood” below.

01. Dimensions
02. Flash Flood