Leonardo Barbadoro reveals new project and album written for robots

The Florence-based electronic music producer and composer Leonardo Barbadoro, also known under the alias Koolmorf Widesen, has announced a new project and upcoming album titled Musica Automata, containing music written for robots controlled by a laptop computer.

The robots in the project are more than fifty acoustic instruments, part of the Logos Foundation in Gent, Belgium, which receive digital MIDI messages that contain precise information for their performance. The multi-sensorial experience allows the listener to see and hear where the sounds come from and find a precise correlation between the movement of the instrument and the sound perceived. “It’s a performance that comes from a human idea, however devoid of direct human contact with the instrument. This means that the conceived musical idea, once processed and translated into MIDI language, is executed by robots without losing its artistic value in any way.”

The project will be available on vinyl, CD and digital through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter from 21st of May to 8th of July.