Hospital Productions announces new Silent Servant album

The US imprint Hospital Productions reveals the new album by Silent Servant, Shadows of Death and Desire, out on the 8th of December.

Following his 2012’s debut album, Negative Fascination, on Hospital Productions, Juan Mendez AKA Silent Servant returns with his second LP Shadows of Death and Desire, again on the Dominick Fernow’s label. For the new album, Mendez delivers a seven-tracker showcasing “aggressive and stripped-down acid punk electro dance attacks.” The Los Angeles-based artist also teamed up with longtime collaborator and vocalist Camella Lobo AKA Tropic Of Cancer on the track “Optimistic Decay.”

The press release states that “the album looks inward from the exterior of LA’s untold stories in the netherworlds on the edge of the city—a rapid crash course in confidence games and subsequent letdowns.” Mendez reflects by saying, “what happens with failure? disillusionment. I know it’s in a good place—I want to touch it, but I don’t want to live there. this is the not the person you are—don’t be this person. stop.”

Stream the video of “Harm In Hand” below.

Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire - Orb Mag
01. Illusion
02. Harm In Hand
03. Damage
04. Loss Response
05. 24 Hours
06. Glass Veil
07. Optimistic Decay