Growing Bin Records announce their newest release produced by Shelter

Growing Bin Records have revealed their latest release, Profondeur 4000, an album produced by Shelter, landing on the 6th of July.

Growing Bin Records is a shop specialised in trading European Jazz & Fusion, Krautrock, Elektronik, New Age, Balearic, Ambient, Disco, and Leftfield dance music. They also started to release various albums and singles back in 2013. Their upcoming release is an 11-track LP produced by Parisian musician Shelter. The album conveys an interesting journey throughout a wide spectrum of sounds—from mystical “Variation Abbyssale (Part 1)” and Amazonian forest-like sounds in “Dans la Jungle de Varech” to retro-futuristic sequences in “Hors d’Haleine.”

Listen to the previews below.

Shelter - Profondeur 4000 - Orb Mag
01. Variation Abyssale (Part 1)
02. Immersion
03. La Vie à L’Ombre
04. Plénitude Azotée
05. Parade
06. Interlude
07. Variation Abyssale (Part 2)
08. Dans la Jungle de Varech
09. Hors d’Haleine
10. Fumeurs Noirs
11. Synthi Outro