Gost Zvuk Records releases a compilation by Russian electronic music pioneer Mikhail Chekalin

Gost Zvuk Records has released Ecstatic Lullaby, a 2xLP compilation by Russian electronic music pioneer Mikhail Chekalin.

Mikhail Chekalin played an important role in the development and establishment of the Russian electronic music scene. His works received critiques from global journalists and critics from likes of Frank Zappa and Karlheinz Stockhausen, whereas in Moscow his name was excluded from the cultural agenda and the artist couldn’t travel or release his recordings until the end of ’80s. The collection which Gost Zvuk released contains material from the years 1978-1987. Inside Ecstatic Lullaby one will find “multigenre experiments ranging from spatial music (in essence, ambient’s precursor) to more contemporary synthesizer and post-symphonic compositions.”

Listen to the clips below.

А1. A Vocalise in Rapid
А2. The Destructive Dream Dance
А3. Sympho-Break’84
A4. As If It Was Not From Here
B1. Ecstatic Lullaby
B2. Theme in 40sec
B3. Jazz Rock Vocalise
B4. A Passing Melody
B5. Sentimental Intermezzo
B6. Music 3 With Continuation
С1. A Piece in Jazz-Rock Mode
С2. Song Without Words
С3. Torn Page
С4. Dream Dance
D1. Naive Song
D2. Slavdom Psychedelic March
D3. Vocalise in Blues
D5. Farewell to the Music in the Style of Rock