Exodus Digital Ltd announces new synthesizer

The new UK synthesizer manufacturers Exodus Digital Ltd present their first analog modelling synth Valkyrie in this edition of Musikmesse.

After the rise in production and reproduction of analog synthesizers, the UK based company Exodus Digital Ltd announces their first synthesizer Valkyrie. The instrument is an 8-part multi-timbral multi-core digital hardware synthesizer.

It offers 128 voice polyphony with 10 oscillators per voice implying that it has 1280 oscillators in total. It has PCM wavetables with 4096 waves ready to be used with hard sync, ring modulation and FM. The sound processing section includes analog modelled ladder filters, a modulation matrix, three envelope generators, three LFO’s with 64 shapes, an arpeggiator and a stereo hypersaw. In the effects section, it features limiters, EQ, formant filter, distortion, delay, reverb and a 6 stage phaser.

The manufacturers haven’t announced any price or exact availability date yet, but more is expected to be revealed after it debuts at Musikmesse in April.

Listen to the demos from the synth below.