Elektron announces Digitone

After releasing the MKII series for the Analog Rytm, Octatrack, and Analog Four, Elektron continues its stream of innovations with Digitone. It aims to bring a contemporary approach to FM synthesis by combining FM sound generation with a classic subtractive synthesis flow.

Digitone is cased in a square steel box, has the new OLED screen, both features Elektron first presented through their late Digitakt. It offers multitimbral polyphony, multiple FM algorithms, assignable LFO’s per voice, different send & master effects, can be used with OVERBRIDGE, plus it is possible to be used as a hardware sequencer through MIDI.

From cold, icy pads to resonating metallic percussions, Digitone is a creatively designed synthesizer for the musician to explore the world of FM synthesis in a modern-day box.

Presented on NAMM 2018 by Elektron, Digitone is available for the price of $759.

Watch the promo video of Digitone below.