Dorothy art studio reveals map upon the rave culture

The art studio based in UK, Dorothy, has created a poster entirely dedicated to the rave culture, specifically to people and places who contributed to the history and culture of dance music.

Titled Acid House Love Blueprint: A History Of Dance Music And Rave Culture, the new print includes 900 DJs, clubs, free parties, record labels, radio stations, musicians and sound systems related to the movement.

The blueprint took eight months to be made. With a 60 x 80cm dimension, it is available on both blue and yellow screen-printed editions. “Its main map references include Manchester’s Haçienda, New York’s Loft and Paradise Garage, Chicago’s Warehouse, Berlin’s Berghain and London’s Ministry Of Sound; and key movers covered range from Frankie Knuckles, Arthur Russell, Juan Atkins and Guru Josh, to The Orb, Aphex Twin, Roni Size and Faithless.”

Dorothy - Acid - House - Love - hacienda - neworder - 808state - thunderdome - sasha - Orb Mag
Dorothy - Acid-House - Love - berghain - ninakraviz - Orb Mag
Dorothy - Acid - House - Love-Paradise - Garage - Frankie - Knuckles - Larry - Levan - Orb Mag