DJ Healer presents new music, Lost Lovesongs and Lostsongs Vol.2

The German producer DJ Healer presents two new mixes, Lost Lovesongs and Lostsongs Vol.2.

The anonymous producer who is best known for his Traumprinz and Prince Of Denmark aliases has quietly shared two mixes during Christmas and New Year’s day, showcasing over 60 minutes of new material. Lost Lovesongs and Lostsongs Vol.2 have been uploaded via artist’s Planet Uterus SoundCloud channel. The artist also shared new music in the format of a mix before with his 3-hour mix Planet Lonely in May last year.

Listen to Lost Lovesongs and Lostsongs Vol.2 below.

Lost Lovesongs
01. Intro
02. Untitled
03. Lost
04. Drifter
05. Untitled
06. Found Time
07. Holding On To You

Lostsongs Vol.2
01. Outro
02. U 4ever
03. Depression House
04. Geister
05. Another Hidin
06. Grown