Discogs launches Exclusives music marketplace

Discogs has launched a new marketplace, Exclusives.

The platform is currently in a beta phase, with a limited number of records available. Aimed “for the true collector,” Discogs states that music fans will be able to get hold of rare and out-of-print records, tapes, test pressings, warehouse finds and special editions amongst other items. Exclusives marketplace has four products listed so far, and only one available, John Carpenter’s cassette box set from Sacred Bones Records, which includes all of his full-length albums.

Discogs’ Jeffrey Smith explained the new marketplace story to The Vinyl Factory, “We would have intense conversations with people working within the indie/major label communities; people who were Discogs devotees and passionate collectors themselves. There was a common story evolving. They have access to something neither we nor the Community have access to: test pressings or tiny amounts of out-of-print stock that can be hard to find—even in our own Marketplace. It felt like there had to be something we could do to help bring this stuff into the open for collectors everywhere, not just those with connections.”

Visit the Discogs Exclusives site here.