Discogs archives more than 10 million releases in their database

Discogs has reached the milestone of archiving their 10th million release this year, eighteen years after being found.

Before Discogs, the only way to get hold of a complete catalogue of records or access to different aliases by artists were record stores, mailing lists and radio shows. Kevin Lewandowski revolutionised the industry, by having the idea to create the largest database of music records in existence. The first record posted on the platform was a deep house release by The Persuader back in 2000. Since then, now being active for 18 years they have hit the milestone of archiving ten million releases in their database. The community which contributes with release submissions has increased by 20% each year and there are over $200 million transactions in between users in the market in 2017 alone.

Find more information on the company’s latest milestone here.