Christopher Bauder to exhibit new installation show, STALACTITE

Within the Bright Brussels Festival in Belgium, TETRO+A announces upcoming Christopher Bauder and Boris Divider’s monumental installation show, titled STALACTITE, held between 22nd of February to 25th, 2018.

The German artist who is hosting his SKALAR exhibition in Berlin—is gearing up for a new installation show titled STALACTITE. Collaborating with music producer Boris Divider, the pair managed on bringing to life complex forms and light motifs, carried out and synchronised by electronic music. Showcasing the visual show for the first time, STALACTITE will hold its location in Pompidou Centre, a gigantic Citroën garage which soon is intended to become a superior cultural venue in Brussels. The combination of the two artists will bring a unique event, putting the performance together with 360 light rods and numerous layers of lights to generate pulses, thus creating intricate forms and structures.