Christina Vantzou presents a video from her forthcoming album on Kranky

Christina Vantzou’s video presents one of the tracks of her new album, No. 4, titled “Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space,” coming out via Kranky on April 6th.

The chosen track from Vantzou’s album No. 4, “Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space,” has been recorded over two days in the woods near the megalithic remains in Wéris, Belgium. “The aim was to eliminate a preconceived goal and delve into observation and experimentation using a wide range of formats—16mm film, 35mm film, VHS, Phantom high speed video and 3D scan,” describe the creators.

“Midway thru day two some of the crew took a nap in the woods,” leaving visual artist Eva L’Hoest to create 3D scans of the sleeping bodies and these 3D environments becoming the starting point of the video. After being edited, the video has been transferred into 16mm black and white film stock, processed by hand, and transferred back into the video. According to the statement release from the creators of the video, “A strange visual mythology is born out of the textural traces between materials – grain and pixel – and also the deterioration and failures of a series of imperfect digital and analog processes.”

Pre-order Christina Vantzou’s No. 4 here.

Watch the video of “Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space” below.