Cassegrain’s Arcing Seas announces debut release by Rhyw

Half of Cassegrain, Alex Tsiridis, also known as Rhyw is debuting on own imprint Arcing Seas on the 18th of May.

Arcing Seas, an anagram of Cassegrain, started as a secret alias for the duo but after deciding to start a label, the name was a perfect fit. Following his releases as Rhyw on various renown labels such as Avian, Fever AM, and Tar Hallow, the Berlin-based producer is debuting on his own imprint Arcing Seas. The artist has prepared three tracks for this debut, bringing together interesting sounds and forward-thinking ideas into his production. The artist also made the design and print for the release.

Listen to the samples below.

Rhyw - ARCS-06

A1. Unpunishable
A2. Vertisol
B2. Aqua Velva