Buttechno debuts on Minimal Wave’s Cititrax with new LP

Cititrax is releasing Cherskogo Drive LP by Buttechno, available on the 25th of September.

Russian newcomer Pavel Milyakov AKA Buttechno is building a foundation for his alias in Moscow’s underground electronic music scene. The artist who is known for using a wide range of instruments for his production, is also active on producing music for European fashion shows. His latest release will be on Minimal Wave’s sublabel Cititrax and the artist has created six tracks which range from “driving electro to 90s techno to slower paced, dirty, perfectly pitched 808 sounds.”

Buttechno - Cherskogo Drive - Cititrax - Orb Mag
01. March Cherskogo
02. Back 2 The E
03. Elektroshirka
04. Slow Durk
05. AXF
06. 808 Exc Dirty