Burial & Kode9 record exclusive mix for BBC radio

Burial & Kode9 recorded an exclusive 30-minute mix for BBC 6 Music.

Aired last night at BBC 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs show, the artists’ mix features various genres and styles ranging from ambient, drone to jungle classics and even Goa trance music, featuring the likes of Speedy J, Jlin, SOPHIE, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Chi-A.D., and more. The show also features words and music from artists who have been touched by Burial’s presence.

The pair also due to release the last FABRICLIVE mix series on the 28th September.

Listen to the full mix here.

1. Eternal Basement – Woy
2. Orca – 4am
3. Acen – Trip To the Moon 1 & 2
4. DJ Biz – Losing Track of Time
5. RJ – You Are My Destiny
6. SleepResearch_Facility – Stealth 4
7. Speedy J – Terre Zippy
8. Section X – Galaxian
9. Battle of the Future Buddhas – The Other Way Around
10. Chi-A.D. – When The Effect Came
11. DJ Phil – Godz House
12. Jlin – Annotation
13. DJ Hank – Be Happy
14. Fulltono – Baby Je Kajoo
15. Danny Breaks – Dropping Science Vol 1 (Phillip D Kick Edit)
16. Scratchclart – Drm Walk
17. DJ Lag – Gqomwav
18. SOPHIE – Faceshopping

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