Boom shares 20 Years of festival documentary

The Portugal-based festival Boom releases their 20 years of the festival documentary.

The Boom Festival 20 Years documentary (1997-2017) film sums up its origins, 11 editions of the festival and all the projects which emerged from its evolution over time. Last year edition marked the 20 year anniversary of Boom Festival, and as such, they spent months leading up to the 2018 edition putting together a movie to celebrate this event.

The mission involved trawling through no less than 12 terabytes of material and rare footage. The Boom story is conveyed against a soundtrack of music by Zen Baboon and unreleased sample tracks by several different authors. “The Boom Festival and all it encompasses—whether it’s the team, the community or the natural space in which it takes place—is truly the result of an incredibly devoted collaboration between people and Boomers whose ultimate intention is to celebrate life, freedom, and love.”

Watch the full documentary here.