Black Merlin returns to Island of the Gods with new album

The Bali-based label Island Of The Gods presents the new album by Black Merlin titled Kosua, hitting the shelves on the 26th of October.

Following his 2016’s debut album, Hipnotik Tradisi, on the Island Of The Gods label, London-based producer George Thompson AKA Black Merlin is back with another LP, Kosua. For the new LP, the artist ventured to the wild lands of Papua New Guinea to explore and record these remote places, where he worked closely with the old world musicians and sounds of the islands.

In 2016, Thompson planned his first solo expedition, venturing out to meet the Kosua Tribe in Papua New Guinea. Over the course of the next two years, George would record the sounds of the Kosua people. “From their daily lives, ancient dance customs and wildlife. During one of these trips, he spent 14 days alone in the jungle, getting in and out of the Mount Bosavi crater and further 3 days inside recording and filming his experience. These recordings and experiences formed the basis of his second album, Kosua.”

Listen to the clips from the album below.

Black Merlin - Kosua - Orb Mag
A1. Self Heat
A2. Feeling Colour
A3. Seane Falls Womens Kulumba
A4. New Guinea
B1. Cloud
B2. Standing On The Summit Of Bosavi
B3. Fogomay’iu Village
C1. Kundu
C2. Stalking The Canopy
C3. Talisu
C4. Sibi
D1. First Light
D2. Chief Sigalo Balo Dance
D3. Madmen, Missionaries, Prospectors And Weirdos
D4. Big Haus