Behringer reveals the MS-101

Behringer have revealed their version of Roland’s SH-101, the MS-101, at this edition of Superbooth.

Presenting the RD-808 and the VC-340 at Superbooth, Behringer announced the production of MS-101 as well, the clone of Roland’s iconic monophonic analog synthesizer, the SH-101. They have included everything that was in the old version, and have also come up with new features in their version of the synth. They added an extra triangle wave from the CEM3340 oscillator, a Behringer sequencer, MIDI and USB have been included for synchronisation, and an interesting FM modulation possibility between the oscillators is found on the instrument as well.

Price and availability are not yet fully disclosed, but Eric from the company stated that the price will be jaw-dropping and mass production will hopefully start in 2018.

Quick peek from Superbooth below.