Analogical Force unveils new EP by Brainwaltzera

Analogical Force has announced Brainwaltzera’s latest 12-inch EP titled Bunker, available on June 15th.

The anonymous producer Brainwaltzera returns with another EP via Analogical Force. The new five-tracker is the second appearance in the Spanish imprint, the first being 2017’s Outdives. Traces of IDM, garage, ambient, acid and techno can be heard throughout the experimental EP which fits well on the puzzle Analogical Force has built. According to online sources, the collaboration between the label and the producer contemplates that this won’t be the last time the two will work together, “Brainwaltzera and Analogical Force move along the same path, without questions, and always looking forward.”

Listen to the samples below.

A1. bUnker
A2. τrip
A3. nessova
B1. rubico acid
B2. FX Mod DAISY CHAIN 5o (Provatron’s panevropi ’98 remix)