Allen & Heath reveals the Xone:96

Allen & Heath have announced their production of the new industry standard mixer, Xone:96, expected to be released later this year.

Allen & Heath have manufactured one of the most widespread mixer since the 2000’s era, the Xone:92. The design was simple to use, inside it was all analog circuitry with four band parametric EQ’s, no effects, but with a MIDI compatibility and connections for effect sends.

Very recently, the English company announced the release of the Xone:96. It’s the first update after approximately 15 years. The hardware design of the mixer is not very different from the 92, and will be familiar to people who previously used it. The circuitry is quite similar as well, with the four-band EQ’s, with an extra harmonic distortion in the VCF’s. The mixer also features a dual 32-bit USB soundcard operating at 96khz. It also has two separate three-band EQ stereo inputs and two auxiliary send-return channels. The build is still a metal case forged to endure the consistency of use by nightclubs.

Price has not been announced yet, but the product’s availability is expected to hit the stores later this year.

Watch a promo video for the Xone:96 below.