Abul Mogard presents new album, Above All Dreams

Abul Mogard announces new album Above All Dreams to be released by Ecstatic on the 22nd of June.

The controversial story of the Serbian musician Abul Mogard that started his career when he was fairly old after he retired from the factory in which he was working in Belgrade. The story that circulates on the internet is that he felt that music from the factory and the reproduction of those sounds is possible. Since his first release on 2012, the artist has collaborated with VCO Records, Emotional Response and since 2015 built a stable relationship with Ecstatic in which he has released his solo album Circular Forms.

The artist has a connection to drone and ambient productions, giving his take in creating emotional soundscapes using synthesizers, a sound and emotion that is especially present in his latest album, Above All Dreams.

Listen to “Quiet Dreams” below.

01. Quiet Dreams
02. Where Not Even
03. Upon The Smallish Circulation
04. Over My Head
05. Above All Dreams
06. The Roof Falls