Orb Podcast 047: Campbell Irvine

The Berlin-based, Brisbane-born producer Campbell Irvine is a classically trained musician who studied music and composition since the age of 4, then—needing a diversion—attended QCA to study Screen and Film Media. Since then, Irvine has released on Function and Inland’s Infrastructure New York, EUAX, and is the founder of SKANDAL.TV, where he has just released his latest double 12″, Baptism in the Cathedral of Commerce.

The multi-disciplinary artist Campbell Irvine marries music, visuals and text to explore the concept of broadcast encryption. In Baptism in the Cathedral of Commerce, the work welcomes listeners to enter an alternate Cold War scenario through a Yugoslav lens, namely nuclear bunkers, shortwave radio, and numbers stations. Alongside the music, composed and produced by Irvine, collaborators including Marta Sundac, Benjamin Gredeson, and longtime creative partner Stefanie Parnow, helped to shape it into a boundary-blurring media project.

For the 47th episode of Orb Podcast, Campbell Irvine wanted to “create the feeling like being stuck in some interdimension. Like a Radio Fever Dream you can’t escape from, but with beauty as well as ‘otherness’. It is all original music from me, so obviously there is quite a lot of emotion attached, where I hope the beauty shows through the ‘otherness’. My latest release, available at SKANDAL.TVBaptism in the Cathedral of Commerce and its inspiration from radio broadcast encryption was the basis of the soundscape, but I also chose many unreleased records, including from a current work in process, and my first full audio-visual album, — – -Bizzaro::::.

It was also a lot of energy and frustration in the podcast, probably stemming from the current COVID-19 pandemic, and how as a foreign-born artist living in Berlin, it has been a constant struggle both ways uphill just to survive.”

01. Intro
02. [PROŠLOST] Emitiranje; prenošeno ali nikada čuto
03. Computer Won’t Start (Backdating Stock Options)
04. — – -Bizzaro:::: Act III Scene I – This Can’t Go On
05. — – -Bizzaro:::: Act III Scene III – The Problem is Control
06. — – -Bizzaro:::: Act II Scene III – Still Nowhere With Nothing
07. — – -Bizzaro:::: Act I Scene II – Patocchio Looses His Marbles
08. The Complete and Utter Breakdown of One’s Core System of Beliefs
09. Interlude
10. — – -Bizzaro:::: Act IV Scene IV – Some Good Back into this Sick World
11. Outro