Orb Podcast 069: Andrew Pekler

The Uzbekistan-born Andrew Pekler found his creative home in Germany in 1995 and since has been a pioneering artist, employing digital sampling and synthesis techniques to re-contextualize found sounds and archival musical materials. Since 2002, his solo and collaborative musical works have graced labels such as Faitiche, Shelter Press, and Kranky, among others.

Beyond the confines of studio production, Pekler extends his artistic reach into the realms of video and installation, always intricately interwoven with sound. One notable creation is the collaborative project Phantom Islands — A Sonic Atlas, developed with cultural anthropologist Kiwi Stefanie Menrath. This interactive online map explores the sounds and histories of islands once documented on nautical maps but have since vanished.

Now for the latest Orb Podcast, Andrew Pekler dives into his diverse influences and the intimate realm of insomnia, where he provides a unique auditory prescription. As he describes it, the mix features selections meticulously prepared for those quiet hours between 2 and 4 in the morning. “I’ve taken to preparing (even making my own “Neon Nocturne“) music for these moments and this mix features some of these selections. Music to go back under, or at least smooth the frazzled edges of insomnia,” he adds.

01. Salenta + Topu – Cliff By The Sea
02. Daniel Lanois – Sketches
03. Art Of Primitive Sound – Le Pietre Sonore Della Caverna
04. Yoshio Machida – Daydreams
05. Unknown – Untitled
06. Wahono – Mabad
07. Phil Struck – Klint
08. Seni Sana Sini – Skala #3
09. Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon – Study XVII
10. Un Caddie Renversé Dans l’Herbe – Kalimgame
11. Jon Hassell – Out Pours (Kongo) Blue (Prayer)
12. Jan Steele / Janet Sherbourne – All Day
13. Robert Ashley – She Was A Visitor
14. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Studie I
15. Mike Kitcher – Amabele-o-o
16. Giuseppe Ielasi – Rhetorical Islands 5
17. Andrew Pekler – Neon Nocturne
18. Akira Rabelais – With The Gift Of Your Small Breath
19. Kallie Lampel – Falling Guitar 5
20. Mount Fog – Fantasma 1
21. blackbody_radiation – Soft Fascination
22. William Duckworth – The Time Curve Preludes (Excerpt)