Orb Podcast 077: Uun

Dedication, passion, and vision are three very demanding yet essential feats for one to become synonymous with their craft. When Ryan Malony actively embraced electronic music in 2012, he incorporated these values in his main live act, Uun. In due time, his compositions and performances have made him a reliable and consistent source of an intense, hypnotic, and forceful techno palette, providing a well-deserved recognition. Thus, the flexible output derived from and honed in this mixture portrays Ryan as a formidable force of compelling, productive prowess. After all, these pillars that he laid as the foundation of his involvement with this genre are evident in his work and live appearances, featuring unique transformations and immersively dark soundscapes.

The dedication in his sound approach offers a distinct auditory spectrum, both in mood and tone. Through his commitment to forging his identity, his live performances also serve as a faithful extension of his labours. Since his first release in 2014, he has appeared in several label catalogs, such as Soma, Modularz, and Semantica, displaying tremendous textural versatility; his efforts and distinguished touch have not gone unnoticed. In contrast to his unprecedented appearances, an emphasis exists on his Ego Death imprint, where themes of existentialism, duality, and reality of a modern-day artist are in genre-stretching releases. Shortly after his latest album there, Platform Decay, Uun is our next guest for the 77th Orb Podcast.

In this one-hour mix, he masterfully constructs an opening-set invocation, a somewhat lost art for him. Straightaway, it starts with ramping anticipation around repetitively revolving bleeps and gradually cultivates and spreads a fully-fledged sense of vagueness. During the mix’s course, the unexpected transitions form inseparable connections, shaping impactful characteristics in the overall selection. As a result, the fusion of grabbing, entrancing synths and reverbs paired with gritty sonic distortions and grainy warps yields a devastating fervor that harmonizes impeccably with Uun’s signature sound.

01. Architectural – Rare Ceremony Tapes
02. DJ Nobu – Iris
03. Drop-E – Cravings
04. Mod21 – Beyond The Edge of an Habitable World
05. Alderaan – Light Escape
06. Eyvind Blix – Rites of Passages
07. Luigi Tozzi – Spiral (Rrose Remix)
08. David Reina – Background
09. Linear Phase – Mediative Absorption
10. Mike Derer – Pecatonica
11. Valentino Mora – Plasma
12. Roll Dann – The Guide
13. Psyk – Spires
14. Pyramidal Decode – Rinuncia
15. Head Front Panel – Them
16. Najel Monteiro – Native One
17. Aerodromme – Abyss
18. Drumcell & Luis Flores – Stuck in my Mind
19. Esteban Miranda – Collapse
20. Bralle – Beggars
21. Julia Govor – Close to the Sun