Orb Podcast 030: Wanderwelle

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels, musically known as Wanderwelle, produce electronic music that balances between the genres of ambient and experimental techno, highlighting a combination of the two to craft a unique signature style of electronic music.

In 2017, Wanderwelle released their debut album Lost in a Sea of Trees under the Canadian label Silent Season. Dulm and Bartels found their inspiration for the album from the famed Slavic folklore and ancient pagan tribes that once wandered through the forests of Europe. The duo added a distinctive element of music to their debut, by collecting field recordings in the woodlands of Russia, Czech and the Netherlands to fuel their experimental prowess.

Dulm and Bartels follow up on their debut with a new album to be released under Silent Season this year, drawing influence from French artist Paul Gaugin’s remaining years of his life that was spent on the paradise island of Tahiti. Titled Gathering of the Ancient Spirits, it elicits a story of Gaugin’s adventure in searching for a land that is cut off from all contact of modern society, where its inhabitants continue to look up to nature as a pathway to connecting with their ancestors.

Orb Mag collaborated with Wanderwelle to conceive this week’s Orb podcast, providing a deeper insight into the mystical world of these two artists colluding together to provide a unique adventure into the world of nature and sound.

01. Meta – Ambiente 1
02. Dorisburg – Uncertainly
03. Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – Clear Light
04. A Sacred Geometry – City of Ys
05. Bandhagens Musikförening – Testbild
06. Primal Code – Junkan
07. Ñaka Ñaka – 000020
08. Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd – Kokokan (Heaven Herons of Petulu)
09. VC-118A – Sequence
10. Area Forty_One – Freefall
11. DJ Richard – Old Winter’s Way
12. Primal Code – Acaulis
13. Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Algus
14. Black Merlin – Totek and Tim
15. LNS – Wasp (E-GZR E-mix)
16. Steffi – The Meaning of Memory
17. Evigt Mörker – Krans Av Stjärnor
18. Huerco S. – Promises of Fertility
19. Cliff Martinez – Take Off Your Shoes
20. D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – Norr om Uppsalaslätten
21. Altstadt Echo – Refusal
22. DJ Richard – Dies Iræ Xerox
23. Evigt Mörker – Den Stilla Kammaren
24. Cyspe – Passing
25. Isorinne – 4:05
26. Raime – Real People Not Actors
27. Abul Mogard – The Roof Falls
28. SSTROM – Umbra