Orb Podcast 021: Deepbass

Whether doused in the grit of his hometown Glasgow, or expanded by the widescreen vistas of his current base, Barcelona, the peculiarity of Darren Roberts’ music warped with its own form of expression captivates listeners with the feel of rolling and tunnelling techno that emphasises on propulsion and atmosphere. The story of how he came to be Deepbass maintains a running theme of commitment and passion to establishing a sound of his own, which is exactly what Roberts did, and is still doing to this day. He’s teamed up with many labels that have staked their name in the scene, such as Soma, TGP, Edit Select Records, and Dynamic Refection.

In addition to working with various labels, Roberts has also paired up with some of the best minds in the technosphere, including that of Italian producer Andrea Deplano, also known under his moniker Ness. Deplano perfectly coheres with Deepbass’ approach to techno, by collaborating on releases that easily exemplify how well their sounds mesh together. Roberts holds a strong connection to the deep side of hypnotic techno by running his own label, Informa Records, where artists such as Reggy Van Oers, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, and Hironori Takahashi have had the pleasure of working with Roberts by conjuring sounds that fulfill the desires of those who seek out barrier-breaking and absorbing soundscapes.

Deepbass instils an ability to distinguish his own sound, yet also avoids any limitations or getting comfortable repeating just one thing by taking what he’s devised and streamlining, sharpening and nuancing it. The origin and destination might be constant, but the path it takes and how the journey feels is ever-changing, once more proving that through his exclusive mix for this week’s Orb podcast.

01. Edit Select – Above Ground
02. Edit select – Close Up
03. Refracted – Meta
04. Dorian Gray – Experiencing The Now
05. Deepbass – Departure
06. Ischion – The Hidden Side Of Awareness (Ness Remix)
07. Svarog – Third Myth
08. Kaelan – Edge
09. Joachim Spieth – Luciferin (CHPTR Remix)
10. 3ct – Delusion Of Deity
11. Claudio PRC – Swirling In The Infinity
12. Deepbass – Search Continues
13. Umwelt – Abandon In Place
14. Ken Ishii – LC Circuit (Takaaki Itoh Remix)
15. Dorian Gray – Time Passed
16. Deepbass – Contact With The Machine
17. Entitet – Molar
18. Kas:st – The Future Started Yesterday