Orb Podcast 018: Ness

Italian DJ and producer Andrea Deplano, best known for his moniker Ness, has been an avid follower of the electronic music scene since the ‘90s. His passion covers a wide array of genres, ranging from trance to experimental. Deplano holds a background in sound engineering combined with years of research and fine-tuning, which provided him with the ability to shape his own unique style with a distinguished focus on atmospheric sounds meshed with hypnotic feel. Back in 2007, he opened his own record store in Sardinia, Italy, where Ness calls home. Following the inauguration of his store, two years later he began his first label called Mono Records.

Revered for his own recognisable style, Ness has partnered with various labels, releasing a collection of EPs and singles with labels such as Ear To Ground, Mental Modern, Informa, Synewave, Affin, Dynamic Reflection, and as well as collaborating with artists like Claudio PRC, Deepbass, Giorgio Gigli, and Rasmus Hedlund. The artist has also released his own debut album Trancemigration under The Gods Planet label last year, an independent platform and project he has been running since 2010 with fellow artist Claudio PRC. For those that are given the chance to hear Ness live, it is easily understandable that his sets can be characterised as an exploration of a broad scope of deep hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes, which is best illustrated in the mix that Ness did exclusively for this week’s Orb podcast.

01. Ripperton – Meteorythme
02. Deepbass – Departure
03. Alkini – Myosis (Andrea Cossu Remix)
04. Edit Select – Horizon 1
05. Kas:st – Noumene
06. Yagya – One Week Light
07. Tronus – Xeos
08. Samuel L Session – Inner City Dust Part 5
09. Fugal – Parallels
10. Ness – Psychotechnologies (Alan Backdrop Remix)
11. Alpha Tracks – Burugundy
12. Wice – HB11
13. Mike Davis – Communique from an Absent Future 2
14. Squeef – Mirror Particles
15. Inland – Sherpa
16. Barac – Natasha
17. Claudio PRC – Swirling In The Infinity