Orb Podcast 002: Beatwife

Since his debut EP, Ritilin, in 2008, Scottish born, Los Angeles-based producer, Richard Wilson, has been creating music under his alias Beatwife. His approach towards acid, IDM, and experimental music, combined with his knowledge of audio technology, including his signature software and modified equipment, has resulted in the creation of Beatwife’s distinctive sound.

Beatwife released his debut album, Export Tennant, in 2011 on Love Love Records, ‎and has since made a handful of appearances around the UK at events such as Audacious in Edinburgh, Wrong Music in Brighton, the legendary Redrum nights in Dublin, and an incredibly memorable set at 2012’s Bangface Weekender in Cornwall.

In the same year he released his first album, Beatwife released his second album, Cornbrail Acid, in the Russian-based record label Hyperboloid, followed by his 2012 album on Love Love Records titled, Lord Cornwallis. In 2014, he released Cornbrail Acid II, exploring the uplifting acid themes of his initial Cornbrail Acid and developing them further. His Cornbrail Acid journey does not stop here. After he publishes his album, Earl Rögnvald, on Recruit Records, Wilson creates a compilation of his old and new tracks, Cornbrail Acid 2.5., followed by his latest album, Ranch Road 104000, self-released in 2016.

Wilson has also released projects under the names WhiteIabel, Burnkane, Misty Conditions with Henry Collins: a collaboration which resulted in the completion of the album release on Planet Mu, D’Zzzz, The Miami Vice Sound Crack with Sid Wilson of Slipknot, and his recent project Rognvald. Besides music production, Richard has made essential contributions to the advancement of the XW-PD1’s track-former sound.

Under his alias Beatwife, Richard Wilson brings a 60-minute recording of his old, new, and unreleased tunes from his repertory. The result is an exceptional piece of his work, achieving a unique and fresh experience straight from his L.A. studio.

01. Burnkane – You Know
02. The Miami Vice Sound Crack on Misty Conditions (Unreleased)
03. Misty Conditions – Drizzle
04. Beatwife – Cheese In My Stomach
05. Beatwife – Hollywood Dole
06. Beatwife – Thrushup ft. Peter Dante – Unreleased
07. Beatwife – Rubbing The Wrong Way
08. Beatwife – Dickcid
09. Beatwife – Export Grabber
10. Beatwife – Scooter In Yer face
11. Beatwife – Lord Protector
12. Whitelabel – Murder Sound (Landen Massive)
13. Beatwife – Bedlam Returns
14. Rognvald – R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D