Orb Podcast 049: Human Space Machine

Mike Jungerius AKA Human Space Machine is a Dutch producer and DJ with an obsession for minimalistic styles of music. Human Space Machine explores the rich territories in between otherworldly broken beats, mesmerizing percussion riffs, and deep electronics. Next to his outings on his co-owned record labels De Lichting and Native Response, he made appearances on Amsterdam’s Indigo Aera/AEX Records and Berlin’s On Board Music.

For this week’s Orb Podcast, Jungerius shares with us a few words about the mix: “Over the last year I’ve been collecting and recording a lot of records that cross over between techno and (drum &) bass music. With this mix, I wanted to give the listener a taste of what has been on my mind musically since my last EP came out on De Lichting. The mix contains new unreleased bits by me, befriended producers as well as recent and older favorites.”

01. RDS – Dunes (Unreleased)
02. Alpak – Idea
03. Owl – Flying Dust (ft. Clearlight)
04. Shoal & Vand – Untitled (Unreleased)
05. Human Space Machine & Mary Lake – Untitled (Unreleased)
06. Cedar – Transfer
07. Lemna – Dodecahedron
08. Pessimist – Pagans
09. Doctrina Natura – Dream Echoes
10. Lunar Convoy – K3lp
11. Mukuna – Tera
12. Davis Galvin – Orghu (362 C)
13. Varuna – Out Beyond The Settlements
14. VC-118a – Silver
15. |RG| – Communication Tools
16. Initials B.B. – Untitled