Orb Podcast 067: Pianeti Sintetici

Pianeti Sintetici (‘synthetic planets’ in Italian) is a new conceptual project by Davide Perrone (1/2 of Primal Code) that draws inspiration from the factories of Magrathea, a planet in Douglas Adams’ classic space opera The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where artificial planets are manufactured on commission.

“This concept has always fascinated me, and I chose the name to frame a hypothetical future of synthetic worlds, told with sound,” Davide says. “I like to imagine the howls of creatures inhabiting solar systems outside our own. Rarefied atmospheres, alien sequences, and unfamiliar tonal scales. So, I see Pianeti Sintetici as an open-ended design research project where I can explore these inspirations.”

For our 67th episode of Orb Podcast, Davide offers an insight into his intentions: “In this mix I have collected some of my recent favorite tracks, with complex grooves and modulated particle sounds, which I am focused on in my latest productions. It’s mainly oriented on Drum & Bass and half tempo between 85 and 90 BPM, inside you can also find two of my new tracks from the Esplora III record out now on Hypnus.”

01. Air – Trip I
02. Loek Frey – Belise
03. Notte Infinita – Atmosfera
04. Pianeti Sintetici – Polimorfo
05. Vardae – Floating
06. Skeptical – Narko
07. Asc – TMA-1
08. Big Hands – Abanera
09. Polygonia – König des Waldes
10. Deep Space Network meets Higher Intelligence Agency – Hexametre
11. Nekyia – Dream Within A Dream
12. Overlook – Who Is This Who Is Coming
13. Datassette – The Grey Goo Scenario
14. Javano – Mad Mile
15. Dino Sabatini – Plena Lunae
16. Donato Dozzy – Toru
17. Sunju Hargun – Pigeon Attack (Shjva ॐ dub)
18. Dites Safran – Cilco
19. NRLSD – Marching Band
20. Pianeti Sintetici – Ciclo
21. Deadbeat & Sa Pa – The Mountain
22. Shiken Hanzo – Oda Of Owari
23. Priori, DJ Python – Oyl
24. Helium – Clouds