Orb Podcast 042: Bas Dobbelaer

From the vibrant Amsterdam underground scene, we welcome in our series, Bas Dobbelaer. With releases on AD 93, Appian Sounds, On Board Music, and his latest collaborations with Vand for Something Happening Somewhere, he’s ready to grab some attention and build on his own sonic palette. Floating between energies with subtle rhythms and atmospheric sounds, it’s clear that Bas Dobbelaer is leaning towards the deeper shades of techno.

For this mix he captures the energies between organic and subtle rhythms with his own described ‘atmospheric sounds’, but he’s not afraid to pick up the pace either. “For this mix, I wanted to play with different tempos but not short on the build-up. I think I start at 118 BPM and finish around 170. I tried to keep the storyline where the tempos just give some extra flavor,” he explains.

“Selecting tracks for a podcast is never going fast for me. I always start with some positive energies and think: oh this is going well this time. But eventually, the doubt kicks in. I try not to limit myself too much in keys, latest releases, or tempos, it just needs to capture the flow and energy I had in my mind when I built it. Also made the agreement not to buy new music when making a podcast, because the focus can become loose at a given point. Although while making this mix I received the promo of Laura BCR’s The Meaning Of Time compilation, two of them made it into this mix [laughs].”

“For me, a podcast is completely different from a live recording. You just can’t plan situations that take place on the dance floor, some fast transitions can work well there. But not completely understandable as a fresh listener at home. With a podcast, you can plan everything and make it perfectly balanced for listening pleasure. But the feedback isn’t really there during the process. Probably that makes it sometimes hard to make it, but extra satisfied when it turns out well.”

01. Fatih Tuter – Park People
02. BLM – Front Room
03. Toffes Värld – Soluppgång i den lilla dalen
04. Skymn – Okuyi
05. Laima Adelaide – Absorption Of Light
06. Forest Drive West – Ritual
07. Shaded Explorer – Life Stream (Estrato Aurora Remix)
08. 8Ball – Tigers Eye
09. Agonis – Pyrchid
10. Launaea – Amida I
11. Aural Imbalance – Third Bass
12. Ahmad – In Between