Orb Podcast 046: EMIT

Kamran Sadeghi aka EMIT is an Iranian American musician, composer, record producer, and interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. The recent solo album Loss Less, released on LINE, was recorded inside a defunct nuclear cooling tower. The sound and video installation premiered at the Louvre Museum Paris as part of Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2021.

Sadeghi’s performances, soundtracks, collaborations, and installations have been experienced at the ICA, DTW, Corcoran Gallery of Art, CTM Festival, K11 Museum, MUDAM, MuCEM, Centre Pompidou, Berghain, and Berlin Biennale. While his recordings and productions are published on such labels as Sternberg Press, Vinyl Factory, LINE, Sacred Bones, Dragons Eye Recordings, and Apollo Records.

In 2005, Kamran released his first record under the alias Son Of Rose. During this time he performed live using a grand piano with electronic magnets on the strings. In 2008, Kamran put the traditional output of making albums on pause to create multi-channel sound installations and performances that combined his custom-designed interactive video compositions. During this period he worked for composer Morton Subotnick and became part of one of the first galleries dedicated to multi-channel Sound Art, Diapason. Active in the contemporary music scene in New York he performed at Issue Project Room, Experimental Intermedia, The Stone, and many others.

From 2012 to 2018, Sadeghi was vital in the transition of the audio tour guide company, Soundwalk, into the art/music group Soundwalk Collective – As the former commissioned music producer, sound artist, and live performance director, Kamran wrote music for multiple performers, custom-designed instruments and produced studio albums.

For this week’s Orb Podcast, Kamran brought a mix under his EMIT moniker, which he describes as a mix “about magnetism and converging energies by combining unusual and unique sounds from a wide range of sonic pulsations.

01. Vladislav Delay – Kotka (FattyDL Refunk)
02. Jung An Tagen – Wreath Production
03. UAN0005 – It doesn’t sound
04. Julia Govor – Ice Breaker
05. Julian Sartorius – 01 Locked Groove 001
06. EMIT – Data Love
07. Rian Treanor – Orders From The Pausing
08. m.o.d.u.l. machine – La Gent
09. Solar X – Dominatrix
10. Skee Mask – Rdvnedub
11. Julia Govor – Vila Tone
12. Jamaica Suk – Dream Delusions
13. EMIT – Hyphen
14. Ueno Massaki – Supersolid State
15. Thomas Brinkman – I Don’t Know
16. PTU – Copper mines, new machines a
17. Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – Distant people