Orb Podcast 036: Sciahri & Dagdrom

Sublunar Records’ founders stitch together a journey through the immersive sound of their label—a vibrant selection of cuts that represent their specific taste for both club effective techno as well as more experimental excursions. Italo-Iranian producer Sciahriar Tavakoli, known as Sciahri, and Francesco Baldi AKA Dagdrom started Sublunar Records in 2017, as an imprint focused on deep and hypnotic textural techno.

The label founders deliver a 1-hour mix that includes music by all of the label’s artists including the latest release by Sciahri, his first album Double Edged out since July, where he represents his multifaceted vision of techno within the space of ten tracks. In his debut LP, the artist states that he aims to “express emotions with unsettling simplicity, showcasing techno compositions that are both thoughtful and primal.”

We invite you to an entrancing and shifting techno trip that represents the sound of Sublunar Records, carefully curated by label heads Sciahri and Dagdrom for the 36th episode of Orb Podcast.

01. Ladan – Spectres
02. Nuel – Intarsia
03. Donor – Forgotten
04. Sciahri – Unconscious Unconscious
05. Donor – Identity Revealed (Patrick Russell Remix)
06. Refracted – Ray
07. Sciahri – Anxiety
08. Refracted – Meta
09. Sciahri – Ira
10. Nh – Non
11. Sciahri – Perpetual Motion
12. Refracted – Shuffle Transmit
13. Forthcoming
14. Ladan – Zone.2
15. Sciahri – Heedless
16. Nh – Crimson
17. Sciahri – Blurred Lines
18. Refracted – Polar Creatures
19. Sciahri – Evaporation