Orb Podcast 034: Fjäder

The Swedish producer Ida Matsdotter’s Fjäder project took form in 2011 after years of dedication to music. Through her moniker Fjäder, she takes a more esoteric point of view to use her tracks as she says, “to cleanse out her story.” Fjäder released her debut 12″ as a split record with British producer Stephanie Sykes in 2014 on Dasha Rush’s imprint Fullpanda, following two years later with Stardust EP on Hypnus Records’ sibling label Kabalion, and her debut album in the same year on Shaded Explorations, titled Shades Of Light.

Matsdotter prefers to let the music speak for itself, stating that she “truly feels music can speak a more pure language than the human tongue.” The deep, dark and foggy techno has become somewhat Fjäder’s signature sound as she further channels these sounds and influences into her labels Nordanvind and Virvelvind, platforms she uses to release her and friends music. She balances her hardware synthesizers and computer programmed software to create atmosphere with hypnotic beats, mellow strings and electronic birds striving to build that bridge “between nature, space and technology.” With the same aim in mind, Fjäder presents our 34th podcast series comprised mostly of her unreleased material.