Orb Podcast 029: Side Liner

Side Liner began as a project in 2004 by Nick Miamis in Athens, Greece, with the aim to explore the emotional side of music while emphasising daily events. Nick showed his interest in music at an early age, he was only 10 when he started to discover his music preferences while collecting CDs and vinyl records. Later on, he bought his first synth Roland MC-303, and began to play music in local events and eventually signed his first agreement (under various names before starting his project as Side Liner) in 1998 with Discobole, a local Greek label. In 2003, he founded his own label, Unicorn Music, and one year later the sub-label Cosmicleaf.

Side Liner’s music is considered an inspiring voyage enriched with pensive soundscapes that essentially signify the connection between his chilling visions and the existing world. Miamis has produced over 400 tracks, covering more than 130 releases, including 15 full-length albums released through his own Cosmicleaf.

For this week’s Orb podcast, Side Liner delivers an emotional 60-minute chill out set enriched with deep and soothing soundscapes.

01. D. Batistatos – This Road
02. Stefan Torto – Voga
03. Translippers – Hover
04. Side Liner – Retrorganic
05. Germind – Relaxation Algorithm
06. Zero Cult – Closer Than Ever
07. Eguana – The Majestic Finesse To Soul
08. Kick Bong – Destiny
09. D. Batistatos – What A Strange A World
10. Aviron – Stay Positive
11. Dedast – Someone Said