Orb Podcast 023: Ntogn

Ntogn is a Swedish techno project devised by Hypnus Records’ founder Michel. The venture has been ongoing since early 2013, with a purpose of meshing together modern sound design methods and the deep and mystical aspect of sound. The artist’s discography varies from hard, repetitive deep techno to dark, throbbing ambient excursions.

As a DJ, thorough caution is provided to the harmony and progression of the music in order to conceive a comprehensive and enthralling adventure through melodic ambience to sharper hypnotic techno currents. Throughout the last few years, this innovative style has earned Ntogn recognition and respect not only as a label manager and unconventional producer, but also as an aspiring DJ appearing in various renowned clubs around the world.

For this week’s Orb podcast, Ntogn brings a well-structured mix inviting you smoothly into deep and dreamy soundscapes of carefully chosen tracks that best reflect his high attention to the storyline of the set.

01. Docetism – Almindingen II
02. Acronym – Inner Conflict
03. Mikkel Metal – Jech
04. DJ Healer – We Are Going Nowhere
05. DJ Healer – At Last (Becalming the Storm)
06. Prime Minister of Doom – Truth Inside
07. Birds ov Paradise – Olika Ljud
08. Birds ov Paradise – Luftiga Ljud
09. Minilogue – Nothing is Lost
10. Organit – Adapt
11. Deepchords – Point Reyes
12. Dorisburg – Splade
13. VC-118A – Turbid
14. Mohlao – Neptune
15. Isorinne – 15.11
16. Gürtler Sollmann – Watte (Efdemin Version)
17. Yotam Avni – Jorniel
18. Nobody Home – Remains of Earlier Temples
19. Conforce – Suspense
20. Modeo – A New Arrival
21. Etapp Kyle – Quantum
22. Adana Twins – Jupiter
23. Luigi Tozzi – Yavin 4 (Ambient Mix)