Orb Podcast 016: Fredrik Astevall

Fredrik Larsson who mainly goes by the pseudonym Krumelur, is a Swedish producer based in Berlin who has been making music for the better half of two decades. His minimalist take in the underground psytrance scene has earned him an honourable reputation in the electronic music community.

Fredrik started by playing drums in the mid-90s and advanced to electronica upon discovering the program Fasttrack 2. By the end of the decade, Larsson had laid the foundation for his career as a producer.

At the beginning of 1999, Fredrik created the Krumelur project, with which he released through different labels including Zenon Records, Crotus Records, Horns & Hoofs Entertainment, Planet BEN Records, and participated in renowned festivals such as Ozora, Boom, Universo Paralello, Lost Theory, and countless more.

Krumelur’s debut album Minimal Animal was released on Crotus Records in 2002, followed by a period of live gigs and compilations releases. In 2006, he released his second album, Paramoral, through the Australian label Zenon Records. This album featured a more contemplative and pensive sound from Krumelur, who incorporated jazz with the minimal sound that he is known for.

Fredrik also releases music under the techno alias, Fredrik Astevall, and this time Orb Mag features his 18-track mix of hypnotic productions from various techno artists.

01. Barker & Baumecker – Cipher
02. Filip Xavi – Eternal Sequence
03. Agaric – Deep Field
04. Fredrik Astevall – Standard Struggle
05. Heiko Laux – Dry Me (Acid Mix)
06. Egbert – Korrelig
07. Johannes Heil – Schubkraft
08. Yan Cook – Falcon
09. DJ From The Crypt – Imperator Furiosa
10. Chain – Render (Unreleased)
11. Johannes Heil – By Night (Part Four)
12. Eduardo De La Calle – The Promise
13. Berg Jaar – Dome
14. DJ Hyperactive – Venus (DJ Hyperactive Remix)
15. Owen Sands – Mercury Fold
16. Mattias Fridell – Consumed For Profit
17. Cadans – Vocal Exercise
18. Fauntleroy – Ocelot