Orb Podcast 014: Hydrangea

Nature, with all of its harmonious characteristics, has a profound influence on our senses. Whether we look at it, hear it, or feel it, nature is always corresponding with us through different mediums. Hydrangea is an emerging French techno producer who specialises in techno influenced by nature and its surroundings. Her career as an artist began in 2015 when she released her first full-length album Dawn Lights under the Annulled label.

Inspired by the likes of Voices From the Lake and especially the hypnotic Italian techno and ambient electronica, Hydrangea began creating her own tracks with the prospect of sharing her story and perspective through music. Hers is a story which demonstrates what is possible when passion meets hard work. “Now I can say that this is the best thing that happened to me. I would never have had the idea 3 years ago that I could get there one day,” she says in an interview for Monument.

In the same year, she followed up her debut with Escape From Reality, a nine-track self-released album. In addition to her albums, she has also released a variety of EPs such as The Wind Shadows, Scum Of Memories, and the latest on Natch Records, Osmosis. Besides her work as a techno producer, she also works as a graphic designer and photographer under the moniker “Horty Shorter,” through which she regulates the artwork for various music releases and graphic art projects. Nowadays, her ventures aside from creating music include making artwork for the podcast channel, Inveins.

Hydrangea is a new promising artist and the following exclusive set for this week’s Orb podcast showcases her inspirations and love for the ambient and techno world.

01. Shaded Explorer – Shaded Gems
02. SYS – Nocturnal
03. Asmar – Sigil
04. Tekra – Restrict
05. Birds Ov Paradise – Olika Ljud
06. Void & Materia – Disorder
07. Yotam Avni – Involve
08. Aquiver – Cationi
09. Jon Hester – Cypher
10. Sigha – Black Massing (Wata Igarashi ‘Dusk Falls’ Remix)
11. UBX127 – Void
12. Kenneth Graham – Mystique