Orb Podcast 010: Joachim Spieth

Joachim Spieth has been able to navigate through the chaotic, time consuming, and the exhausting scene that is techno and continues to do so while juggling multiple tasks. He is a composer, DJ, producer, and a record label owner who is widely respected for his unadulterated sound. Spieth has released material on labels like the legendary Kompakt, and a good portion on Affin, the artist’s own label established in 2007. Citing many reasons for doing so, Spieth is among a few artists who seem to follow their own creative style rather than following the trends of a label which can put some constraints on what he can achieve. Nonetheless, the label proved successful and already includes dozens of releases of his own and various other artists.

The beginnings of his career reveal something interesting about Spieth, which is to say that his encounter with techno was pretty standard, learning about it from friends and going to parties and raves. Previous to this, Spieth was part of a band in his teenage years, and his affinity to music took him on the path which spiked his potential as an artist, and this was techno. He began by releasing his first track in 1999 on Kompakt titled “Abi ‘99.” He has since worked with labels such as Onitor, Paso Music, and Auftrieb to name a few.

His own imprint Affin celebrated its ten year anniversary last October with 10 Years Affin featuring tracks from various artists. The same year Spieth released the very successful Irradiance on Affin, which explores the depths of techno with ethereal ambient sounds that are almost too serene yet moving. Most recently, he released Decennium 1.3 along with Deepbass, Giorgio Gigli, and Periskop in a four-track 12” which also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the label.

For any artist involved in music making and especially in the techno scene, it can be difficult to keep up with the trends and the fast pace of the industry. Many find themselves overwhelmed with the conditions of such an industry and the requirements for staying afloat as an artist. Spieth, however, has managed to produce his own style and follow his instincts without losing the reputation and credibility he has achieved in almost 20 years in the scene. Be it a loyal fan base, or the sentimental value of an artist producing genuinely good music.

Counting on this music savvy side of Spieth, the following exclusive set showcases the most up to date material, while maintaining his deep techno driven with intermittent breaks of resounding and growing soundscapes.

01. Luigi Tozzi – Ecate
02. Ruhig – Abode
03. Abstract Man – Proposition
04. Joachim Spieth – Luciferin (CHPTR Remix)
05. Abrial – Aegis Of Light
06. MPIA3 – Squatter’s Dog
07. Joachim Spieth – Dispersion (Dino Sabatini Remix)
08. Temudo – A1
09. Ka:sst – Pathos
10. Just Local – Feel
11. RVO – Alternating Silence