Orb Podcast 008: Ekman

The enigmatic Roel Dijcks, best known for his project Ekman, is a Dutch producer characterised by his unique sounds raising directly from Hague. Growing up in the deep south of the Netherlands, as a kid, Dijcks used to play tuba in a hometown marching band, guitar and bass in various punk bands, until he played with a friend’s computer—the moment he realized the concept of making music is easier when there are no people required, and there is no place for compromises. Later on, he worked at a record store in which he broadened his perspective and curiosity for music.

Constantly exploring different genres, Ekman started to produce and eventually signed his first contract with Bunker Records sub-label Panzerkreuz in 2012, where he published his first release called Untitled. Ekman has released a series of other records on Panzerkreuz and also in other influencing labels such as Solar One—in which he released his first album M.S.P.,—Berceuse Heroique, The Trilogy Tapes, Bedouin Records, Shipwrec, and many more. Ekman has also worked on some projects with Drvg Cvltvre, Breaker 1 2, and Fallbeil.

Ekman’s tracks incorporate a futuristic pace combined with seismic bass and trivial glimpses of melancholia and irony. To date, he has produced numerous singles and EPs such as Reform, Heimwee EP, Entropy, GMMDI, Sturm Und Drang / First Mover, besides some additional compilations and mixes.

For many, Ekman is considered to play an integral part in the past couple of year’s techno scene. Characterised by a diverse style, Ekman has conceived an exclusive one hour mix exploring the emotional and futuristic sound of electro.

01. E.R.P. – Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix)
02. Composite Profuse – CRC666
03. Maarten van der Vleuten ‎- Internaut
04. TeslaSonic ‎- Hidden Secret Space
05. Hardfloor – The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix)
06. Andreas Gehm – Two Times More
07. Mantra – Who Got The Juice?
08. Interface88 – Feel The Jack
09. Ekman – Landmarks
10. Fallbeil – Direkte Gewalt
11. Umwelt – State Of Matter (Ekman Remix)
12. EDMX – What The …
13. Tobias Schmidt ‎– Back To The Future (Again)