Orb Podcast 007: AstroPilot

Russian music composer and recently label owner, Dimitriy Redko best known as AstroPilot, develops and continues to increase the potential of his distinct style, which leans towards psy/ethno-chill/psydub, easily noticeable in many of his releases.

His signature sound accompanied by the AstroPilot project commenced with the creation of his debut album, Fruits Of The Imagination (2007), on Avatar Records. Later on, his musical style took a semi-ecliptic turn towards a more spacey and progressive mood, adding to the depth of AstroPilot’s project as an electronic artist.

After releasing his first album through Avatar Records, Dimitriy began to release material through Altar Records. He would release many albums—including Shamanium (2010), Mitra (2010), Star Walk (2012), Soul Surfers (2016)—singles and EPs through the label, multiple times a year; indicating his long, fruitful relationship with the Canadian label. Aside from his projects with Altar, he has also published some of his music through labels such as Ultimae Records, Mistique Music, and even Danish label Iboga Records.

Currently, Astropilot’s project and musical style can be categorized into two parts: progressive chill out and space ambient. His live sets have been enjoyed by audiences from all around the globe. He has played at international festivals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since September of 2016, Dimitriy began a new chapter in his musical career when he opened his label, AstroPilot Music, where he released a remastered version of his Fruits Of The Imagination album.

AstroPilot delivers an exclusive 1-hour mix showcasing most of the material from his latest album, Thirty Three, released on his own label AstroPilot Music. A sonic excursion which best describes his spacey chill out and progressive mood throughout the mix.

01. Down The Memory Lane (feat. Seamoon)
02. Neverending Circles
03. The Heartland
04. Something Real (Unreleased)
05. There Is No Tomorrow!
06. My Home Is Where You Are
07. The Masquerade
08. Inner Enemy
09. Coda
10. Mirror Reality