Orb Podcast 006: Isorinne

Michel Isorinne—short known as Isorinne—is a Swedish producer easily recognised by his sounds that resemble beauty, sadness, and melancholy. At first, Isorinne used to play music with his friends from whom he sponged up a lot about music and later developed his interests by continually exploring ways of making music.

At the beginning of his career, Isorinne teamed up with Jonas Rönnberg better known for his project Varg, in a session hosted by Rönnberg that gave birth to D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. (their musical duo) and their first release. Isorinne and Rönnberg published their works on labels such as Total Black, Opal Tapes, and Northern Electronics.

Experimenting with different sounds, Isorinne has created numerous exalted pieces such as his first release Varseblivning on Blodörn, a sub-label of Northern Electronics, continuing with his acclaimed albums 1980 and 2061 on Mixed-Up Rimini-based label, and Echoir Memoir on Northern Electronics. Some of his EPs include No Strength of Sun published on Yerevan Tapes, Samarbeten on Infinite Waves, and Recollections of Forgotten Dreams on Field Records.

Besides his projects as Isorinne and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., Michel is also involved in Bandhagens Musikförening, a duo with Martin Sander (Hypnobirds) and his solo project Dystopiska Visioner. He also has a release as part of Panama Mirrors with Bjarke Rasmussen (Grøn).

When asked about what areas of his work he hopes to explore further, Isorinne implied that he could potentially experiment in creating music for film, emphasising the idea that his sounds could transition very well into movies.

Isorinne brought together a mix compiled of 15 tracks, which besides his musical projects includes releases of other prominent ambient, drone and techno artists.

01. Isorinne – Bård av anderöster (Intro Edit)
02. F.E. Denning – Margarita Nikolayevna
03. Lundin Oil – Failed State
04. Regis / Prurient – The Eternal Laws
05. Helm – Arcane Matters
06. Olympisk Løft – Ceto Og Hendes Døtre
07. Sunn O))) & Boris – Blood Swamp
08. Orcas – Tell
09. Tropical Hi-Fi – Tangaroa
10. Russian Tsarlag – Dipped In Gel
11. Norin – Charlesroi
12. Hypnobirds – 77 (Unreleased Demo Version)
13. D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – 15.10
14. Emra Grid – Organ Scene
15. L. Pierre – The Grief That Does Not Speak