Orb Podcast 004: Electrypnose

Electrypnose is Vince Lebarde’s diverse musical project based in Switzerland. Lebarde is well-recognised as a psytrance producer who simultaneously loves exploring various types of electronic tunes. His project Electrypnose was created in 2001 as a project-oriented towards electronic music, and since then it is active in the music scene.

Electrypnose released his first track in 2003 on Peak Records—first Swiss psytrance label at that time—and until now it has produced more than hundreds of singles, EPs, and compilations, published on various record labels. In 2004, together with Zapata, he founded Kabrathor Records, and shortly he released his first online digital album in ResonantEarth. In 2006, Electrypnose released his first pressed album, Le Tireur de Ficelles, on Peak Records, and since then, he released additional ten full-length albums.

His ability to create and explore various types of electronic music resulted in the creation of ambient and chill out albums, including Subliminal Melancholies (2006) and Sweet Sadness (2010), which gives us more sensitive soundscapes, melodies, ominous atmospheres, and rhythms.

Besides working in the studio, Electrypnose has performed and presented his work at various events and festivals around the world, including Brazil, USA, and Europe. His musical variation, ranging from chill out, alternative electronica, progressive techno, and psytrance, is one of the indicators of his passion for creating distinct sounds that know no boundaries. For this occasion, he delivers seven tracks from his production material, each of incorporating their own distinct story.

01. Deepelec
02. Fractalisation De Lego Rmx
03. An Important One Sorted
04. I Will Be There Someday (Unreleased)
05. 21122012 (Unreleased)
06. Happy Little Axon
07. Trying To Recreate Yapna