Orb Podcast 044: Motion Symmetry

The enigmatic project Motion Symmetry is a modular ambient and techno artist based in Wales, UK, who is also the mind behind NFEREE label since 2017. The artist has been steadily releasing his output on his own NFEREE imprint along with other artists focusing primarily on deep techno music.

For this week’s Orb Podcast, the idea behind Motion Symmetry’s mix was “quite simple on this occasion—just to put some fresh and groovy music together into 1-hour of steady, punchy, and mind-bending trip.” He adds: “all music was recorded and remixed by myself, so I just went for tracks that haven’t been used in podcasts, unreleased and that fit together well.”

01. Unreleased
02. Shifted
03. Unreleased
04. Troya
05. Rotation l
06. Rotation ll
07. A Thousand Details – Formanzit (Motion Symmetry Remix)
08. Fabian Cioffi – Pay The Price (Motion Symmetry Remix)
09. Unreleased
10. Unreleased
11. Code9090
12. Orchd
13. Unreleased
14. Luna